So…this is supposed to be a work in progress autobiography written with attempted wit and humble approach towards the first dorky springtimes I spent on this rocky object orbiting around the Sun.

I was born somehow somewhere near the mountains in a motor city foggy and splendidly grey in the glorious year Beetlejuice was released in worldwide cinemas and soon after I started writing stories about my dolls and their perks and habits. I stared at the Magnolia tree outside my home and in my deep loneliness I figured I should have invented a world in which I could exist and fit comfortably. I liked learning but I hated going to school because of how I was perceived, they treated me like I was the weirdest kid on the planet. The bullying continued until I got my diploma in European languages & Art at 19. Through all those harsh years the only thing that kept me going were the Arts. I developed a major depression and an anxiety disorder so severe I had frequent panic attacks and had to wear a bite all day around and went on different medications I’m still presently on. Therapy helped me improve my social anxiety and gaining a little confidence in the direction of dealing with people. I watched all the movies my mother kept in the living room closet and then went and bought more and more. I spent my entire free time by my own, with the only company of my pets and old Hollywood silver screen stars. I knew I found my place when I was creating characters and plots, it felt like opening a jar full of inspiring butterflies, a bit of magic in the sad reality I was part of. Since that day I never abandoned my way to happiness, it was in those fatiguing moments of sweat on the paper that I truly got to know myself.

I began learning Photography and started showing my work publicly, receiving some praise and winning prizes along with it. Even though I was still bound to my zone I learned to communicate with other humans better. I graduated from University in 2014 with a degree in International Studies and went on working as a translator and editor for international exhibitions of contemporary Art and then I decided to focus on freelance work, in order to be more in control of my time management and able to choose which project I was going to pursue. I got the chance of writing non narrative articles about diverse topics, from Tennis to China International Relations and Politics, managing an editing other contents on the websites I was working on, learning very much from different authors and their personal style.

When it first came to face the white page to professionally write narrative I chose to read all the notebooks I fulfilled with random ideas since kindergarden, frowning when I detected the ingenuity and hopefulness of my teenage years, still recognizing though a potential in using some of those hints in my future oeuvres.

Finally I’ve found the space I desperately needed to express myself in writing and achieved the goal of publishing my first narrative work. It is coming up soon!

Whoever made it this far down the presentation receives my utter sympathy and sincere appreciation.

All the rest is still to come. Believe me, it is so very much.